Sorry I’m late…

Whoops! Time flies, and I’m overdue for my usual mid-month “Miscellaneous” post. Hey, even us B- types get a bit busy sometimes and get lost in what we’re doing. Sheesh! Stuff like crocheting, celebrating birthdays and Father’s Day, going out to meet up with a few friends (once in a Blue Moon, everyone I know calls me at once), and the inevitable activity as you get older, doctor and dental appointments. UGH!!

Another thing is, as usual, I’m struggling to think of things to write about, so here’s just a quick summary of what I’ve been up to:


Finished a vintage 70s vest for my mom, similar to this picture.

It actually turned out pretty good and she’s happy with it, so I’m happy. It was just a simple DC, chain3, etc., then on the next row, DC in the ch3 space, ch3, etc. It was fun to do, and went fairly quickly.

I’m now making granny squares with cotton thread to make another lacy top, this one for myself. I’m using a different motif for this one, though and I’ll post it on here in a few months (or years) when I’m done. I don’t know if my dear daughter is even wearing the one I made for her as she travels the world.. oh, well…

This is the top I made for my daughter; I’m using a different motif this time.


One of my favorite things to do is listen to interesting (to me, anyway) podcasts while I’m crocheting. I listen to Meb Faber’s, Personality Hacker, Cracked, With Friends Like These, and Anxiety USA.


I’m going thru some online guitar lessons, and find that the recommended half-hour of practice isn’t enough. I usually do all the exercises, then goof around for another half hour on what I want to goof off with. An awesome discovery I’ve made is guitar tabs. Here’s a sample of “Killing Me Softly” that I found on So much easier than trying to read music and figure out where the notes are, which string to play them on, etc. I was never introduced to this back in the 60s when I first started at age 12, and I love this! I’m working on one for “Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay” by Otis Redding, one of my all-time faves. I’ll post it when I’m done.Guitars

If you’ve made it to the end, thank you so much for hanging in there. It’s hard to find real-life folks that are even interested in the same things I am.

‘Til later,

June 1, 2017 — Buy IEF


Just buy some IEF.  That’s all you need to do this month if you’re following the Meb Faber timing model method of trading.  Ho-hum.

Here are the charts I use from for the basic model:

Here are the charts I use for the rest of what I invest in:


Great.  Now, go enjoy that wonderful June warmth and sunshine.  (Unless, of course, you live around Seattle… then you’re getting rained on, like me.

‘Til next month,


In Search of Deb’s Danceland

Deb’s Danceland, mid-to-late 70s.  A Grand Prairie, Texas caricature of the “cowboy” culture. Imagine a low, giant, building at night, a huge longhorn steer’s head in neon lights, and the name of the club flashing its ostentatious-ness across the Great Southwest Parkway.  Inside, couples enjoyed a beer, a two-step dance, and sometimes, a brawl.

My husband and I remember this place, not as our hangout (we only went there once or twice out of curiosity), but as an unforgettable landmark.  We passed it daily going to and from the place where we worked, and met. So naturally, during my recent visit to Texas, my hubby asked me to take a picture of Deb’s Danceland.  Hmmm…

We both figured it was long gone. A Google search just came up with these tokens, and no pictures of the old place:

And, although I’m not 100% sure, I think I may have found the building:Deb's

No surprise, it’s been converted into a strip mall… if this is indeed the old building.  The location is close to address on the token, and it’s facing west, toward Ft. Worth.  My husband conceded that yes, this might just be the place.

So, there you have it.  A glorious tribute to the old cowboy Texas culture, gone… Sad, in a way, but life goes on.

I also took some photos of my Texas trip.  If you like wildflowers and sunsets, just go to my home page, click on the “Photos” link, or just click here and sort the photos by Date.

‘Til next time…


May 1, 2017 — Sell DBC



Hello all my investing fans!  It’s another lazy, easy end of month for trading.  DBC slipped below its 10 month moving average, so we sell it, and just hang on to everything else.  April was a great month for dividends, too, as my REITs and several ETFs helped me rake them in.

Here’s how the basic Timing Model looked on Big Charts at April 28 close:


Hopefully, you can click on this chart, and see that DBC indeed dropped.

Next, here are the other ETFs that I track, on the next two charts:

So, there you have it…

If you need something interesting to listen to while crocheting, doing your favorite craft, working in your workshop, whatever, I highly recommend Meb Faber’s podcasts.  The latest one features Steve Sjuggerud, who says this bull market isn’t over yet!!!  Haha, that’s cool… we’ll see…

‘Til next month…


Guitar – Reviving an old hobby

It’s been too many years since these two have seen the light of day.

Believe it or not, I used to play classical guitar.  I gave it up about 30+ years ago.  That’s a long time to put something down and take it up again.

Why did i do it?  Well, classical guitar is a lonely road, since you’re playing by yourself.  It requires hours of practice, and at least for me, it seemed to take a lot of energy for very little reward.  I had other priorities in life, like raising a family, finding/doing a job that was tolerable that would allow me to retire, etc.  These were more rewarding.

Now that I’m retired, I have more time on my hands, and I can start from scratch and re-learn some basics, and put just as much effort into it as I want.  I can go into rock, folk, blues, jazz, whatever I want.  I remember most of the basic chords, but the old hands and fingers need lots of work to sound halfway decent.

So, please excuse me while I go slaughter Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds”, and gradually work up to Etta James’ “I’d Rather Go Blind”.  Cheers, all!


April 1, 2017 — Buy VNQI, Sell RWR



No foolin’… foreign real estate seems to be doing better at the moment than domestic real estate.  Whatever… at least, I got a nice dividend from RWR before I had to ditch them.

So, here’s our basic investment charts…  as you can see, RWR has dipped below our 10- month moving average line.BASIC

Here’s the rest of our watch list… hold ’em all (stay out of TLT)


And here’s the list of “newbies”… VNQI, foreign real estate, has finally peeked over the 10 month moving average.


Yep, looks like the foreign stuff is doing OK.  EFA, EEM, EMB (foreign bonds), and VNQI (foreign real estate) are all over our MA line.

Unfortunately, I can only put in an order for a limited amount of shares for VNQI.  I  have to wait until Monday for my RWR sale to go through.   Ugh! IRA rules…  I just hope I remember to log on Monday to finish up my investment.

Now, back to crocheting, and guitar.  More on that later… my fingers hurt.


Mid-month March Rant

Gosh, I do need to write something on this terribly neglected blog, I just don’t know what this time.

Politics? OMG! What’s happening to our country? I truly don’t think that either party represents ME. Middle-of-the-road, tolerant but dang we need laws type of person. What other people decide to do, who to marry, how to handle an unwanted pregnancy, etc. is their business.

When Wall Street starts messing with my IRA, that’s when we need regulation.

We do need to vet the folks who want to come in to our country, and we need some time to set this all up. The travel ban is only for 90 days. Building a wall is a silly idea, though. Heck coming thru Mexico, you can easily go around a dang wall in a boat sailing across the Gulf of Mexico or up the West Coast on the Pacific Ocean.

I’m all for Medicare for all. Our present system is just too complicated, expensive, and not accessible to everyone. Access to quality health care should be a right for U.S. citizens.

(UPDATE): Oh, and I almost forgot… I really truly believe that global warming is real, and we need to get the H— off fossil fuels NOW!!  Even if it’s not as dire as they say, it wouldn’t hurt to maintain clean air and water now, would it?(/UPDATE)

You may or may not agree with me, and I’m OK with it, either way. I don’t do political arguments. I’m pretty tired of reading them all over the place.

I think I’ll just go hide out in my room now, and crochet some more hats. Phooey!