Family History – Should I Have Opened This Door?

A cousin I met once – and on his family tree claims my father as his father. Is he my cousin or my brother? I sent a message, and no response, so I may never know for sure.

A great-grandfather who leveraged/borrowed too much, ended up broke, and abandoned his family for at least 5 years. He later ended up divorced, broke and alone.

Distant cousins from the past who were arrested numerous times for inciting riots. Over what, nothing says.

I once had a college roommate who told me she hated people who knew their family history, because they thought they were better than everyone else. If she knew mine, maybe it would have changed her mind. LOL!

It is all very interesting, though, and it is history. Your family history is a tiny part of mega-history, and we could all stand to learn from it. The great-grandfather I mentioned above made decisions that affected his adult children (my grandparents), as well as my parents, and their attitudes toward many things, which in turn, affected how I grew up.

So, go ahead, explore your past, take “the red pill” to coin a phrase from “The Matrix”, and take what you need from it. There’s a lot out there on places like and You might be surprised at what you might find. And, if you have the means, get the DNA test done. There are surprises there, too.


October 1, 2017 – Just sit tight

Sorry if you missed my mid-month rant/ruminations.  I’m working on my Family History and writing a book.  More on that later.

Anyway, the charts for this month are telling me to stay in, make no changes, and just sit tight.  It was a great month, and my portfolio made some nice gains.  Too bad every month isn’t like this one.

Here are the charts for the Basic timing model:

Note that RWR has been dancing around its 10-month, 40-week, moving average for several months.  It took a bit of a dive this month, but came up slightly last week.  So, I’ll hang on to it since I like getting the dividends. (Sorry, Meb).

Here are the rest of the charts:

That’s all for this month… enjoy the ride while it lasts!




September 1, 2017 – Just Sittin’


It’s been a gentle roller coaster ride this past month, and now things are looking up, again.  Since I use this Meb Faber Quant method (well, basically) only in my IRA account, and I’m fully invested, I won’t be buying the IEF, TLT or TIP bonds, which all ticked up (quite a bit) this month.  Oh well…  I’m still happy with the way things are going, and I’m holding IEF in another account, for dividends.

Before we get too complacent, though, September has traditionally been a crummy month for stocks, so we’ll just have to see how things are by the 30th.  It will be on a weekend, which will allow us time to place any trades we might need to make at that time.

Without further ado, here are the charts:

Basic ETFs, based on Meb’s Timing Model
more ETFs that I use this method on
…and even more!! 🙂

So, that’s it for this month… Have a great holiday weekend, USA, and remember what Labor Day is for — to honor the workers that built our country.


Things That Just Don’t Make Sense

Being retired and and intuitive introvert (INTJ), I find I have a lot of time on my hands to just sit around and think about stuff. So, I thought I’d share a list of things that just never quite made sense to me.  Here goes:

1. Why can’t we put our elbows on the table?

I’ve actually done a little research on this.  One answer says back in the day, tables were just a loose plank set on top of four legs.  Leaning on them would cause the plank to fall off, spilling the food all over the place.  Another was that it was seen as a threat that you were about to steal someone else’s food.  Wow.  This little piece of table manners makes no sense in this day and age, when tables are pretty stable… heck, I lean on mine a bit when I get up.  And, there’s usually plenty of food to go around; no need to steal it from anyone anymore.  Plus, a table is just about the right height to rest my elbows on while eating fried chicken, or a sandwich.

Want to help me start a trend?  Let’s put our elbows on the table!  <evil laugh>Hahahaha!!!</evil laugh>

2. My hair starts looking like hell, so I avoid animal control trucks, and finally make an appointment at a salon.  Getting my hair done is something of a chore for me, not the marvelous luxury that many women seem to actually enjoy.  But the day of the appointment, BEFORE I go in, my hair looks great, falls into place, and looks like a shampoo commercial.  Go figure. 

3. As an amateur photographer in love with the beauty of flowers, it is frustrating that most of the best wild flowers I see are by the side of a very busy street or highway, and I can’t stop.  Darn!

4. The stock market’s reaction to news almost never makes sense.
One example that comes to mind is that unemployment goes down.  If the stock market goes down, too, they say it is because companies have to spend more money on more employees.  Yeah, right.  And, if unemployment goes down, and the stock market goes up, it’s because the economy is in good shape.  That’s why trying to trade stocks based on news is totally pointless, and I just follow the charts every month.  That’s the only thing that’s worked for me.

5. Netflix why is it still the only app on our Smart TV that has problems.  YouTube, NBC app, etc. all work great.  Netflix requires us to reboot our network about once a week. What a hassle!

6. Netflix again… they keep adding new series, but don’t finish the ones they started.  They just leave them hanging in the middle of nowhere.  Sense8 and Bloodline come to mind.  Disappointing.

7. “They hate you if you are clever, and they despise a fool.”
Yep, thanks for those words, John Lennon.
 Your song, “Working Class Hero” sums up the way people, especially classmates, treated me growing up.  Ah well, it’s my time now, and I can’t say I care anymore.  Life’s gotten progressively better and I love it now.

‘Til next time, love and laughs..



August 1, 2017 — Everything’s looking UP

Well, who’da thunk?  It’s time to buy in to almost EVERYTHING, except TLT.  I had to sell that this morning.  Dividends are rolling in, since I’m practically fully invested, and net worth is sitting pretty.

How long will it last?  What goes up, must come down eventually.  Are you ready for that?  Just keepin’ it real…


And, here are the charts for this month: (I hope by now you know that you can click on them for a bigger, clearer, view)






As you can see, TLT dipped below the 10 month moving average.  DBC, GLD, and RWR all popped up above it, slightly, so buy those…  I had to sell TLT before I had any cash to buy DBC, GLD, and RWR.  LOL!

I have to say, I’m happy to see RWR back in the game, as it pays some nice dividends.  If it hangs on through September, we’ll see some nice $$$ coming in from that.

Enjoy the ride, everyone, but watch out for when our “roller coaster” takes a dive.  Always be ready for that.


Of Weddings, Flowers and Sunny Weather

Summer is in full swing where I live in the great Pacific Northwest, Seattle area. People are getting active outside, neighbors are coming out of their “caves”, so to speak, and people are interacting once again. We take full advantage of our two weeks of summer around here. 😉

A good friend of mine whom I haven’t seen in ages, got married for the second time. It was a very long gap in between relationships, so there’s a good chance this one will last. This couple lives to vacation in Mexico near Cancun, and they go for one week once or twice a year with other friends, so the wedding had a tropical and Mexican theme to it. It was totally fun, everyone was joyful and happy, and I got to see people I haven’t seen in years. Fun, fun, fun.

Another friend of mine just finished re-doing their deck, so they’ve invited us to a party at their house. I feel like a social butterfly with all this activity. Even my DH is doing work around the house, and getting after some final touches on our remodel job. YAY!

Meanwhile, I’m making progress on my online guitar lessons, my crochet project that I’ll probably have to partly re-do, >:P and keeping up with finances.

Speaking of which, I saved about $400/year switching to Progressive from AARP Hartford. Amazing rates, and it was totally worth having to spend time getting all these quotes. It pays to shop around.

‘Til July 31/Aug 1, when I’ll post my investing update…


July 2, 2017


I have to say, I love it when the month ends on a Friday, like June did this time.  It gives me the whole weekend to go through my research, put the graphs together, and post my blog note.  I also get to keep track of my net worth, pay bills, and do all the responsible adult stuff in one weekend.  So, here’s what I’m going to do about my investments now:

IEF dipped below its 10-month moving average line, so I’m selling it, and holding on to everything else in the “Basic” Timing Model, or staying out, as indicated.  RWR popped up almost to the line, but since the MACD is still negative, I’m going to stay out of it, and DBC. Here’s the chart I’m following for the Basic Timing Model.


And, here are the two charts for all the rest of my investments.  Looks like it might be time to buy TLT, and sell TIP and GLD. Go figure…


Also, I’m buying a few more shares of T and VZ, since they’ve dipped below what I originally paid for them, but still are maintaining their dividends.

So, there you have it.  The US markets will be open for a half day tomorrow, so you can take care of business and have a happy and safe 4th of July for US citizens and residents. I plan to. 🙂

‘Til next month, everyone,