June 1, 2017 — Buy IEF


Just buy some IEF.  That’s all you need to do this month if you’re following the Meb Faber timing model method of trading.  Ho-hum.

Here are the charts I use from BigCharts.com for the basic model:

Here are the charts I use for the rest of what I invest in:


Great.  Now, go enjoy that wonderful June warmth and sunshine.  (Unless, of course, you live around Seattle… then you’re getting rained on, like me.

‘Til next month,


May 1, 2017 — Sell DBC



Hello all my investing fans!  It’s another lazy, easy end of month for trading.  DBC slipped below its 10 month moving average, so we sell it, and just hang on to everything else.  April was a great month for dividends, too, as my REITs and several ETFs helped me rake them in.

Here’s how the basic Timing Model looked on Big Charts at April 28 close:


Hopefully, you can click on this chart, and see that DBC indeed dropped.

Next, here are the other ETFs that I track, on the next two charts:

So, there you have it…

If you need something interesting to listen to while crocheting, doing your favorite craft, working in your workshop, whatever, I highly recommend Meb Faber’s podcasts.  The latest one features Steve Sjuggerud, who says this bull market isn’t over yet!!!  Haha, that’s cool… we’ll see…

‘Til next month…


April 1, 2017 — Buy VNQI, Sell RWR



No foolin’… foreign real estate seems to be doing better at the moment than domestic real estate.  Whatever… at least, I got a nice dividend from RWR before I had to ditch them.

So, here’s our basic investment charts…  as you can see, RWR has dipped below our 10- month moving average line.BASIC

Here’s the rest of our watch list… hold ’em all (stay out of TLT)


And here’s the list of “newbies”… VNQI, foreign real estate, has finally peeked over the 10 month moving average.


Yep, looks like the foreign stuff is doing OK.  EFA, EEM, EMB (foreign bonds), and VNQI (foreign real estate) are all over our MA line.

Unfortunately, I can only put in an order for a limited amount of shares for VNQI.  I  have to wait until Monday for my RWR sale to go through.   Ugh! IRA rules…  I just hope I remember to log on Monday to finish up my investment.

Now, back to crocheting, and guitar.  More on that later… my fingers hurt.


March 1, 2017 — Things are Poppin’ – Buy RWR, GLD, TIP

My goodness!  I woke up this morning, turned on my computer, and saw several indices were hitting new records.  However, after about 17 years of (trying to) trade, I’ve definitely learned that what goes up must come down.  So, be ready, stick to your rules, and good luck.

Here’s the basic chart:basic

As you can see, We’re all in, except for IEF.  RWR finally poked its head over the moving average line, so it’s a buy.

Here are some more that I buy and watch:


All in, except for TLT. Like, who needs long term bonds now?  Ha!

And, finally, a few extras:


GLD and EMB decided to poke their heads above water, too, so I bought small amounts of each of them, as well as TIP (chart not shown).

Just on a side note, I wrote my investment guru, Meb Faber. about how to manage dividends vs. shareholder yield when you are at the point in your life when you need them for income.  He asserts that dividends + shareholder yield (which happens when a company buys back its stock increasing its value) is superior since it adds value to your portfolio.  What I don’t understand is, you have to sell shares of a stock or ETF if you’re not investing for dividends alone, and frankly the dividend ratio on shareholder yield stocks is pretty crummy.  So, you’d have to sell some shares of that stock or ETF, and then you lose that dividend the next time it pays out.  He didn’t answer my question, but I did get a rather long answer explaining why shareholder yield is superior.  Well, fine, if you’re in the accumulation stage, but when you want income, you want reliable dividends.  Oh well… enough of my rant.  Maybe when he gets to retirement age, and is drawing on his portfolio, he’ll understand what I mean.

Anyway, take care, and good luck until next time.  If the market has to go down this month, or even tomorrow, let’s hope for a soft landing…


February 1, 2017 — Buy Foreign


Hello, investing fans and those who would like to join me in retirement!!  It looks like the foreign ETFs, (EFA, EEM, and a new member of our investing watch list, EMB) ticked up and over our 200 day/40 week/10 month moving average, and are prime for buying.  No sells this time, just hold on to everything else (or stay out, if applicable).

Here are the charts from Big Charts for the basic timing model (Meb Faber style):


Here are the charts for other ETFs on my watch list:


Gotta love all the “up” action, don’t you?  Last but not least, here are charts for USO, GLD, and EMB (Emerging Markets Bonds).  Meb says we should all go more global, so I am… slowly.


Since EMB seems to touching the line, and seems neutral on the Big Charts chart, I decided to verify it with stockcharts.com, and saw that it was above the 40-week moving average (red line) at end of day January 31, 2017.


I think I’ll use this weekly chart on Stockcharts.com when things seem “on the line”, neutral, and I need another verification to make a decision.

So, that’s it for this month.  I’ll hopefully post a photo soon of my latest crocheting project, a blanket for the living room couch.  Until then… happy investing!



January 2, 2017


Thank goodness I have an extra day to do my research and post my findings for this month.  We just dropped our daughter off at the airport (hate these early morning flights), but all was smooth sailing, and it was a busy, but fun, holiday season.

Well it looks like we have to sell EEM, but that’s really the only change.  Here are the basic Meb Faber Timing Model charts, as seen on Bigcharts.com:


And the rest…


We’re still tracking GLD and USO:


EFA ticked up to the neutral line, I’m staying out for now.  EEM made a decision, and ticked below the line, so I’m selling tomorrow.  USO has been neutral for a while, so I’m waiting for a more definite move.  RWR also ticked up, but it’s still a bit below the line, so I’m holding off.

Oh, and as far as my dividend stocks, I’m selling POT sometime after January 11.  They’ve cut their dividends drastically, and so far I’ve made about a 20% gain.  So, it’s time to cut that one loose.  I’m leaning towards buying T at the moment, but we’ll see.

And, that’s about it for this month.  If you choose, to follow what I’m doing, read the disclaimer above, and good luck.

Prosperity, peace, and happiness to you and yours this year, 2017.




December 1, 2016 — Some go up, some go down



My, when things fall, they fall hard sometimes.  That’s what happened to bonds. RWR  continued its fall, and Gold (GLD) is a sell…

Let’s look at the Basic chart:

basicAmerican stocks (SPY) ticked up, bonds (IEF) fell down.  Commodities (DBC) held pretty steady, and RWR continued its decline.

Let’s look at the rest of the ETFs we’re following:


Again, all the American stock ETFs are ticking up, bonds falling down, but foreign emerging markets (EEM) is right on the line, and it’s your call what to do.  I’m holding, since the MACD is still positive.  I might drop Meb Faber a line and ask what to do in situations like this.  If he responds, I’ll follow up.

Let’s take a look at Gold and Oil:gld-uso

Oops! Gold took a dive, just like bonds. So, if you’re holding it, our system says, “Sell”.  USO is still below the moving average line, so stay out.

And that’s it until next month, unless I find time for a miscellaneous rant, or something.  Have a great holiday, everyone!