MayDay 2018 — No changes

So, as the stock market just goes up & down, up & down, all indicators remain the same.

Stay out of bonds, RWR, and EMB.  Bonds are not where it’s at… yet.

Everything else, stay in.  The price either bounced a bit before it crossed that dreaded 10-month moving average line, or leveled off.

Here’s the proof:




(Yawn…) when your investing is boring, it’s all good…

‘Til next time…



April 1, 2018 — Sell EMB

Well, here I am, Easter weekend, (Passover for some), scrutinizing the stock charts and planning my next move.  No candy for me this year… I’m on a health kick to try to maintain my weight, so I don’t grow out of the close-fitting dress I bought to wear at my daughter’s wedding in May.  LOL!

The only move to make this month, according to my variation on Meb Faber’s timing model system, is to sell EMB.  Who knows, maybe it will come back next month… it looks like it may have bounced a little.

Everything else, just hang on through all this volatility, and you’ll be OK.  Follow the rules, and the timing on the model.

So, here’s a peek at this month’s charts:




US treasury bonds are still in “stay out” territory, and they have such pathetic yields, it’s OK.

If you’re looking for some dividend income, i found a good ETF for that, that I’m thinking of adding to my dividend collection. It is SPFF, an ETF that has about a 7% yield, and invests in preferred stocks (stocks which act like bonds in a way, read about them here.  

Meanwhile, enjoy your holiday!


March 1, 2018 — What a Ride!!

Always following your rules to the letter is very difficult.  I confess, this past month, I messed up, and put stop losses under several of my ETFs.  Well, guess what… they dipped down under their 10-month moving averages, then came right back up again.  So, I had to buy them all back again.  <sigh!>  I lost mid-month, and bought back today:  SPY, MDY, IWM, EFA, EEM, VNQI.  Sheesh!  Volatility is keeping me busy.  Also, I sold RWR — It’s remaining well below the 10-month moving average. EMB is on a “Sell”, too, but I held on today since it’s ex-dividend day, it’s in the green, and I might as well hang on for the dividends.  I bought USO for a lark, as it has been holding pretty well over the 10-month average.

I now vow to not even look at the darn charts until March 31.  Heck with these stop-losses… I’ll stick with the program.




So, that’s it… I’m staying out of bonds for now…

Until March 31/April 1… take care (except I’ll probably write something about my mother’s condition soon… Having to deal with that, too).



For January 1, 2018 – Investing is Boring…

OK, so there are really no changes for January.  Everything is the same… so let’s just hold on to what we got.

If you have some cash laying around that you’d like to invest, go ahead and buy TLT and maybe some USO.  I’m fully invested, and shaved some year-end dividends from my accounts to help with expenses, so I’m not buying anything right now.

Here are the charts for our Basic investment: Thanks to Meb Faber:

And, here are the rest of the items I watch:

And, that’s it!!

If you are curious how this method is working, my total net worth for 2017 went up about 17% (including dividends).  Not too shabby for a diversified portfolio.

If only it would keep doing this… if only…

Happy investing, and Happy New Year to all!


P.S.: In case you think you missed my mid-month post, I didn’t get around to it this time. I was too busy navigating the eldercare maze for my 93-year-old-mom who is resisting any kind of help at all… and fighting off a touch of the flu. Ugh!  I would not wish this on my worst enemy.  More on that later.

December 1, 2017 – Keep Holdin’ On

Yes I’m back with all my charts this month.  What a ride yesterday, huh?  Then, today a nosedive… but it seems to be stabilizing a bit.

OK, here are the charts for the Basic portfolio: (you know to always click on it for a full size picture, right?)

And, here are the rest of the charts, for everything else:

So, I guess if you want, you can throw a bit of cash into USO, but I’m pretty much out of cash (fully invested), right now, and I’m very happy with how things are going, so far.  It makes things easy when there are no changes month to month.

‘Til next month… Happy Holidays, everyone!


November1, 2017 — Just Hold Everything:)

At least, that’s what I’m doing. I’d love to post all my lovely graphs for you this month, but I don’t have access to the tools I usually use.

I’m caring for my elderly 93-year old mom, as she just got out of rehab. I’ll go back home, in a couple of weeks feeling guilty as hell, as I live quite a distance away, but the situation is what it is. More on that later.

I did get a chance to run thru the graphs, and everything is going up, except bonds, and that darned RWR, but I feel safe holding that for now. Bonds and RWR are the only ETFs that I have that are below the 200 day/40 week/10 month moving average line, so just hold on til next month.

If anyone has ever dealt with caring for an elderly person, I’m sure you are thinking, “Bea needs to hold on there, too.” LOL!

‘Til next month…


October 1, 2017 – Just sit tight

Sorry if you missed my mid-month rant/ruminations.  I’m working on my Family History and writing a book.  More on that later.

Anyway, the charts for this month are telling me to stay in, make no changes, and just sit tight.  It was a great month, and my portfolio made some nice gains.  Too bad every month isn’t like this one.

Here are the charts for the Basic timing model:

Note that RWR has been dancing around its 10-month, 40-week, moving average for several months.  It took a bit of a dive this month, but came up slightly last week.  So, I’ll hang on to it since I like getting the dividends. (Sorry, Meb).

Here are the rest of the charts:

That’s all for this month… enjoy the ride while it lasts!