Sorry I’m late…

Whoops! Time flies, and I’m overdue for my usual mid-month “Miscellaneous” post. Hey, even us B- types get a bit busy sometimes and get lost in what we’re doing. Sheesh! Stuff like crocheting, celebrating birthdays and Father’s Day, going out to meet up with a few friends (once in a Blue Moon, everyone I know calls me at once), and the inevitable activity as you get older, doctor and dental appointments. UGH!!

Another thing is, as usual, I’m struggling to think of things to write about, so here’s just a quick summary of what I’ve been up to:


Finished a vintage 70s vest for my mom, similar to this picture.

It actually turned out pretty good and she’s happy with it, so I’m happy. It was just a simple DC, chain3, etc., then on the next row, DC in the ch3 space, ch3, etc. It was fun to do, and went fairly quickly.

I’m now making granny squares with cotton thread to make another lacy top, this one for myself. I’m using a different motif for this one, though and I’ll post it on here in a few months (or years) when I’m done. I don’t know if my dear daughter is even wearing the one I made for her as she travels the world.. oh, well…

This is the top I made for my daughter; I’m using a different motif this time.


One of my favorite things to do is listen to interesting (to me, anyway) podcasts while I’m crocheting. I listen to Meb Faber’s, Personality Hacker, Cracked, With Friends Like These, and Anxiety USA.


I’m going thru some online guitar lessons, and find that the recommended half-hour of practice isn’t enough. I usually do all the exercises, then goof around for another half hour on what I want to goof off with. An awesome discovery I’ve made is guitar tabs. Here’s a sample of “Killing Me Softly” that I found on So much easier than trying to read music and figure out where the notes are, which string to play them on, etc. I was never introduced to this back in the 60s when I first started at age 12, and I love this! I’m working on one for “Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay” by Otis Redding, one of my all-time faves. I’ll post it when I’m done.Guitars

If you’ve made it to the end, thank you so much for hanging in there. It’s hard to find real-life folks that are even interested in the same things I am.

‘Til later,


Couch Blanket

Hello, fellow “hookers”… (you know I mean crocheters, right?)

I finally finished the blanket I was working on to drape over the couch. Whew! What a project!


Unfortunately, I think missed a few stitches here and there.  It is kind of tricky to deal with a big bulky item like this one.  One side kind of curves in, but I figured what the heck, if I stretch it out just right, and hide my mistakes behind pillows, no one will notice, except really persnickety crocheters, like me.

I chose colors that are reflected in the rest of the living room, and my dear hubby likes it, so it’s good enough for me.

‘Til next time…

2 Days After the Election…

WOW!  What a surprise, huh?

And, another surprise… the stock market did not crash like all the pundits said!  I’m so glad to have a good system in place!


Trump won, and the world did not end.  The sun came up, we’re all still here, and we can just go about our business.  What happens now is out of our realm of control.

I had determined, no matter what, I would do my part to finish up the living room, as well as finish up the last crocheted hat to donate to Team Backpackan awesome charity founded by my neighbor.  Life goes on, and the politicos do their thing.

Be well, everyone!



C’YA Crocheting — Work done while “laid up”

I’ve been meaning to post this for some time.  Sorry for the delay, but once my foot and ankle healed enough, we got busy getting our floors refinished, and had to stay at our son’s house for a while.  (He has no internet, just his smartphone plan).

Anyway, while I was “laid up” I got busy crocheting more hats for my friend’s charity. Here are the hats I made:


Since I got rather bored with the same ol’ same ol’ patterns, I put some variations in them.

For one thing, with the ribbed crochet hat, I wanted to add stripes.  However, the stripes went up and down, and turned out looking like a cheap circus tent.  So, I did the basic hat band as described on the Urban jungle slouchy beanie duly added the double crochets evenly around the band, and then alternated between front post double crochet stitches and back post double crochet stitches, working around.  This enabled me to change yarn colors.

Another thing I did was just continue with the double crochets, and every 3 stitches or so, do a front post double crochet.

And instead of puffy stitches, I crocheted about 4 double crochets together, using less yarn, and making the hat(s) a little more flexible.

Cable stitches turned out to be very “stripeable”, too.  And, I skipped a row in the cable stitch instructions to make them a little smaller.  That turned out pretty good.cablestripeI also experimented with shell stitches, both working from bottom up and top down, adding single crochet hat bands, etc.  All are pictured above, and if you want more detail feel free to comment below.  (Hey, I’m Bea Minus, and I’m lazy, OK?)

Stay tuned this weekend if you give a hoot about your finances and being able to retire when you want, (or have to) .  It’ll be time to review investments again.

C’YA crocheting, everyone!






C’YA Crocheting — Fixing cable error (darn!)

Time flies… it’s time for another C’YA Crocheting entry.  This is from a project I did some time ago, a cabled watch cap/slouchy beanie.  I was sooo proud of my beautiful work, then saw a glaring error after it was all finished: 😦

CableError1 copy


I wasn’t about to unravel it and start all over again, so I came up with a “fix”.  (Hehe!!)

I took a piece of matching yarn and pulled it through so it would tie the two outer cable parts together:



Here’s what it looked like on the reverse side:



So, I just tied the two ends together, and it came out like this:


Not quite perfect, but not too noticeable… easy, peasy, and saved me a lot of trouble!

C’YA crocheting, everyone! 😀




C’YA Crocheting — Project from Hell is Finished!


I bet you’re wondering, “How could this lovely, lacy top be a project from Hell?”

Well, maybe it was more of a learning experience.

It was made from granny squares as I described in my previous post.  The challenges were:

  • Finding TIME to make enough granny squares — I’m not one to sit for too long doing one thing.
  • Finding enough Size 3 crochet thread in the same lot number — it is hard to come by where I live. I didn’t find it, so I used two, similar colors, and just alternated the squares.  It’s hard to tell in this photo. 😉
  • Figuring out how to attach the granny squares together.  I ended up just tying the corners and middle sections. The slippery mercerized cotton kept undoing itself, so I had to make sure the knots were all secure, and weave in all the loose ends.  WHEW!!  I probably won’t do it this way next time, and will try to attach the squares as I go, as shown in this video.

Anyhow, the project is done, I’ve learned a lot, and can take a break.  I’ll probably go back to crocheting hats for charity.  Right now, though, I’ve got a huge crop of cherries off our tree to process.

Happy crocheting, everyone!!





C’YA Crocheting — Hooks & Granny Square

Hi everybody!

Yes, I’m still crocheting.  I’m doing my first projects with cotton yarn and cotton thread, and this has  been a learning experience! Cotton yarn behaves very differently from the Red Heart Sup Sver acrylic I was used to using to make hats for charity.

Since I was running into problems with keeping the darn yarn (ha!) on the hook, and with the yarn splitting all over the place, I did some research.  I learned there are two kinds of crochet hooks!!  Did you know that?

One kind of hook is “tapered”:







The other hook is “inline”.







See the difference?  The tapered kind works best with my good ol’ acrylic yarn.  The inline type has been working best with the cotton, as it is good at really grabbing the whole yarn or thread, and enables pulling the yarn or thread through several loops much easier.

Before I knew this, I was using the inline for making the acrylic yarn hats, and was getting a lot of resistance.  So, unknowingly, I bought some tapered, ergonomic hooks, and the projects went much easier.  Likewise, my cotton yarn/thread projects went much easier using the plastic inline hooks. Go figure.

Anyway, I’m working with cotton thread now, Size 3, with a Size D-3 inline crochet hook, and making these granny squares.  I fell in love with this pattern I found on YouTube:   Yes, it’s in Spanish and I don’t know a whole lot of Spanish (just enough to be dangerous, I guess).  So, I’ve written out the instructions in English.  I hope this helps, together with the video.


English instructions for lacy granny square:

Ch 8
Sl st in 1st chain to make circle.


First petal:
YO 3 times, put hook thru center and pull yarn thru 2 loops at a time until 2 loops on hook.
YO 3 times, put hook thru center and pull yarn thru 2 loops at a time until 3 loops on hook.
YO 3 times, put hook thru center and pull yarn thru 2 loops at a time until 4 loops on hook.
YO, pull yarn thru all loops.

First post:
ch 8
YO 3 times, put hook thru center and pull yarn thru 2 loops at a time until no more loops on hook. (1 quadruple crochet?)
Second petal:
ch 8
YO 3 times, put hook thru center and pull yarn thru 2 loops at a time until 2 loops on hook.
YO 3 times, put hook thru center and pull yarn thru 2 loops at a time until 3 loops on hook.
YO 3 times, put hook thru center and pull yarn thru 2 loops at a time until 4 loops on hook.
YO 3 times, put hook thru center and pull yarn thru 2 loops at a time until 5 loops on hook.
YO, pull yarn thru all loops.

Repeat First post and Second petal until you have 4 petals total, and 4 posts total.

On 4th and last post:
End with ch 4
YO 2 times, complete stitch in top of 1st petal. (1 treble crochet)

Ch 5
sc in 8 ch space
Ch 5

Do all the following on top of post stitch, for a CORNER:
*YO 3 times, put hook thru center and pull yarn thru 2 loops at a time until 2 loops on hook.
YO 3 times, put hook thru center and pull yarn thru 2 loops at a time until 3 loops on hook.
YO, pull yarn thru all loops.
Repeat from * to *

sc in 8 ch space
ch 5
skip petal
sc in 8 ch space
ch 5
in next post, Repeat CORNER.

Continue the ch 5, sc in 8 ch space, ch 5, CORNER around.

End with sl st in the treble crochet you ended Round 1 with.


Happy crocheting, everyone!!!