Of Weddings, Flowers and Sunny Weather

Summer is in full swing where I live in the great Pacific Northwest, Seattle area. People are getting active outside, neighbors are coming out of their “caves”, so to speak, and people are interacting once again. We take full advantage of our two weeks of summer around here. 😉

A good friend of mine whom I haven’t seen in ages, got married for the second time. It was a very long gap in between relationships, so there’s a good chance this one will last. This couple lives to vacation in Mexico near Cancun, and they go for one week once or twice a year with other friends, so the wedding had a tropical and Mexican theme to it. It was totally fun, everyone was joyful and happy, and I got to see people I haven’t seen in years. Fun, fun, fun.

Another friend of mine just finished re-doing their deck, so they’ve invited us to a party at their house. I feel like a social butterfly with all this activity. Even my DH is doing work around the house, and getting after some final touches on our remodel job. YAY!

Meanwhile, I’m making progress on my online guitar lessons, my crochet project that I’ll probably have to partly re-do, >:P and keeping up with finances.

Speaking of which, I saved about $400/year switching to Progressive from AARP Hartford. Amazing rates, and it was totally worth having to spend time getting all these quotes. It pays to shop around.

‘Til July 31/Aug 1, when I’ll post my investing update…



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