In Search of Deb’s Danceland

Deb’s Danceland, mid-to-late 70s.  A Grand Prairie, Texas caricature of the “cowboy” culture. Imagine a low, giant, building at night, a huge longhorn steer’s head in neon lights, and the name of the club flashing its ostentatious-ness across the Great Southwest Parkway.  Inside, couples enjoyed a beer, a two-step dance, and sometimes, a brawl.

My husband and I remember this place, not as our hangout (we only went there once or twice out of curiosity), but as an unforgettable landmark.  We passed it daily going to and from the place where we worked, and met. So naturally, during my recent visit to Texas, my hubby asked me to take a picture of Deb’s Danceland.  Hmmm…

We both figured it was long gone. A Google search just came up with these tokens, and no pictures of the old place:

And, although I’m not 100% sure, I think I may have found the building:Deb's

No surprise, it’s been converted into a strip mall… if this is indeed the old building.  The location is close to address on the token, and it’s facing west, toward Ft. Worth.  My husband conceded that yes, this might just be the place.

So, there you have it.  A glorious tribute to the old cowboy Texas culture, gone… Sad, in a way, but life goes on.

I also took some photos of my Texas trip.  If you like wildflowers and sunsets, just go to my home page, click on the “Photos” link, or just click here and sort the photos by Date.

‘Til next time…



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