May 1, 2017 — Sell DBC



Hello all my investing fans!  It’s another lazy, easy end of month for trading.  DBC slipped below its 10 month moving average, so we sell it, and just hang on to everything else.  April was a great month for dividends, too, as my REITs and several ETFs helped me rake them in.

Here’s how the basic Timing Model looked on Big Charts at April 28 close:


Hopefully, you can click on this chart, and see that DBC indeed dropped.

Next, here are the other ETFs that I track, on the next two charts:

So, there you have it…

If you need something interesting to listen to while crocheting, doing your favorite craft, working in your workshop, whatever, I highly recommend Meb Faber’s podcasts.  The latest one features Steve Sjuggerud, who says this bull market isn’t over yet!!!  Haha, that’s cool… we’ll see…

‘Til next month…



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