April 1, 2017 — Buy VNQI, Sell RWR



No foolin’… foreign real estate seems to be doing better at the moment than domestic real estate.  Whatever… at least, I got a nice dividend from RWR before I had to ditch them.

So, here’s our basic investment charts…  as you can see, RWR has dipped below our 10- month moving average line.BASIC

Here’s the rest of our watch list… hold ’em all (stay out of TLT)


And here’s the list of “newbies”… VNQI, foreign real estate, has finally peeked over the 10 month moving average.


Yep, looks like the foreign stuff is doing OK.  EFA, EEM, EMB (foreign bonds), and VNQI (foreign real estate) are all over our MA line.

Unfortunately, I can only put in an order for a limited amount of shares for VNQI.  I  have to wait until Monday for my RWR sale to go through.   Ugh! IRA rules…  I just hope I remember to log on Monday to finish up my investment.

Now, back to crocheting, and guitar.  More on that later… my fingers hurt.



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