Mid-month March Rant

Gosh, I do need to write something on this terribly neglected blog, I just don’t know what this time.

Politics? OMG! What’s happening to our country? I truly don’t think that either party represents ME. Middle-of-the-road, tolerant but dang we need laws type of person. What other people decide to do, who to marry, how to handle an unwanted pregnancy, etc. is their business.

When Wall Street starts messing with my IRA, that’s when we need regulation.

We do need to vet the folks who want to come in to our country, and we need some time to set this all up. The travel ban is only for 90 days. Building a wall is a silly idea, though. Heck coming thru Mexico, you can easily go around a dang wall in a boat sailing across the Gulf of Mexico or up the West Coast on the Pacific Ocean.

I’m all for Medicare for all. Our present system is just too complicated, expensive, and not accessible to everyone. Access to quality health care should be a right for U.S. citizens.

(UPDATE): Oh, and I almost forgot… I really truly believe that global warming is real, and we need to get the H— off fossil fuels NOW!!  Even if it’s not as dire as they say, it wouldn’t hurt to maintain clean air and water now, would it?(/UPDATE)

You may or may not agree with me, and I’m OK with it, either way. I don’t do political arguments. I’m pretty tired of reading them all over the place.

I think I’ll just go hide out in my room now, and crochet some more hats. Phooey!



2 thoughts on “Mid-month March Rant

  1. Hiding in my room crocheting is the best way to cope with just about anything! 😀 I hate wasting so much energy on things that I can’t do anything about – it feels so much better to just grab a hook and some yarn and make something fuzzy, warm, pretty, and useful! 🙂

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  2. I absolutely agree! As long as I have access to yarn, a chair, and music and/or podcasts I’ll be just fine, and the world will go on, and do its thing. This too shall pass….


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