February 1, 2017 — Buy Foreign


Hello, investing fans and those who would like to join me in retirement!!  It looks like the foreign ETFs, (EFA, EEM, and a new member of our investing watch list, EMB) ticked up and over our 200 day/40 week/10 month moving average, and are prime for buying.  No sells this time, just hold on to everything else (or stay out, if applicable).

Here are the charts from Big Charts for the basic timing model (Meb Faber style):


Here are the charts for other ETFs on my watch list:


Gotta love all the “up” action, don’t you?  Last but not least, here are charts for USO, GLD, and EMB (Emerging Markets Bonds).  Meb says we should all go more global, so I am… slowly.


Since EMB seems to touching the line, and seems neutral on the Big Charts chart, I decided to verify it with stockcharts.com, and saw that it was above the 40-week moving average (red line) at end of day January 31, 2017.


I think I’ll use this weekly chart on Stockcharts.com when things seem “on the line”, neutral, and I need another verification to make a decision.

So, that’s it for this month.  I’ll hopefully post a photo soon of my latest crocheting project, a blanket for the living room couch.  Until then… happy investing!




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