January 2, 2017


Thank goodness I have an extra day to do my research and post my findings for this month.  We just dropped our daughter off at the airport (hate these early morning flights), but all was smooth sailing, and it was a busy, but fun, holiday season.

Well it looks like we have to sell EEM, but that’s really the only change.  Here are the basic Meb Faber Timing Model charts, as seen on Bigcharts.com:


And the rest…


We’re still tracking GLD and USO:


EFA ticked up to the neutral line, I’m staying out for now.  EEM made a decision, and ticked below the line, so I’m selling tomorrow.  USO has been neutral for a while, so I’m waiting for a more definite move.  RWR also ticked up, but it’s still a bit below the line, so I’m holding off.

Oh, and as far as my dividend stocks, I’m selling POT sometime after January 11.  They’ve cut their dividends drastically, and so far I’ve made about a 20% gain.  So, it’s time to cut that one loose.  I’m leaning towards buying T at the moment, but we’ll see.

And, that’s about it for this month.  If you choose, to follow what I’m doing, read the disclaimer above, and good luck.

Prosperity, peace, and happiness to you and yours this year, 2017.





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