December 1, 2016 — Some go up, some go down



My, when things fall, they fall hard sometimes.  That’s what happened to bonds. RWR  continued its fall, and Gold (GLD) is a sell…

Let’s look at the Basic chart:

basicAmerican stocks (SPY) ticked up, bonds (IEF) fell down.  Commodities (DBC) held pretty steady, and RWR continued its decline.

Let’s look at the rest of the ETFs we’re following:


Again, all the American stock ETFs are ticking up, bonds falling down, but foreign emerging markets (EEM) is right on the line, and it’s your call what to do.  I’m holding, since the MACD is still positive.  I might drop Meb Faber a line and ask what to do in situations like this.  If he responds, I’ll follow up.

Let’s take a look at Gold and Oil:gld-uso

Oops! Gold took a dive, just like bonds. So, if you’re holding it, our system says, “Sell”.  USO is still below the moving average line, so stay out.

And that’s it until next month, unless I find time for a miscellaneous rant, or something.  Have a great holiday, everyone!



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