Thoughts during stormy weather

Honestly, I don’t know why I started a blog.  I hate writing, and hate having to come up with stuff to write about.  That’s why I chose my investing topic, and crocheting fiascos, as main subjects.  Nothing much is happening right now. So, this is just a day-to-day post, sorry if it’s boring.  Just a few updates…

Clyde rockin’ his new digs

We’ve been having some really stormy weather where I live, wave after wave of storms are blowing in, almost like living in a hurricane for several days.  So far, so good. Our kitty, Clyde, whose picture is my blog logo, is really liking his new cozy house.  He had a sturdier one before, but stopped going in it for reasons we can only conjecture.  So, when I came across these little soft cubes on sale at the store, I snatched one up.  And, so far it is working.  He likes to jump on top of it from time to time, and squash it down into a regular little pet bed.  Whatever keeps him busy…

Yes, I’m still crocheting hats for Team Backpack Tacoma.  I’ll soon have two more backpacks full to hand in, on top of the two I’ve already donated.  So, while I’ve lost count, I think I’ll have close to 100 hats to donate.  WooHoo… broken foot and stormy weather equal benefit for homeless teens… I do hope they like my hats.  No crocheting fiascoes to report in the past few weeks, though.

We’re still procrastinating on getting our living room done (where our B- personality shows).  Our excuse this time is, we have to wait until our blinds come in and are installed.  On a more positive note, that will be the last step before we can start putting our furniture back in.  It will be nice to get that all done.

And, in case you are wondering, I hate both candidates for President.  I may not vote for President, although I will vote for local and state positions.  I’d worry about our country, but we’ve weathered rough times before (think the 60s and 70s), and we’ve come through.

And those are my thoughts for now… until month end, everyone!

Oh, and Happy Halloween!



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