October 1, 2015 — Buy EFA & DBC

Happy October, Everyone! It looks like September wasn’t too bad for us.  Seasonally, September is a lousy month for stocks, but hey, my total net worth held up, and a couple of ETFs that I follow poked their price lines above the magic 10-month EMA (exponential moving average).  So, as these charts show, we’re just holding everything, and putting buy orders in for EFA and DBC at market open Monday.

Basic Timing Model as described on Meb Faber’s site:


And, here’s the rest of what I follow:



As you can see from the above charts, EFA and DBC in the Basic Timing Model have poked their heads up over the blue 10-month EMA line, so they are a “BUY”.  Let’s hold our breath, cross our fingers, and do it!!  And, we’ll gleefully hold on to everything else.  No “selling” this time around!

Until next month…. happy investing!



2 thoughts on “October 1, 2015 — Buy EFA & DBC

    1. Thanks for your comment, good to hear from you. It’s all going well… so far, so good… (I haven’t lost much yet (LOL!) I’ve subscribed to your new website, and look forward to reading more of your posts. But, I understand, studies come first. 😉


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