C’YA Crocheting — Work done while “laid up”

I’ve been meaning to post this for some time.  Sorry for the delay, but once my foot and ankle healed enough, we got busy getting our floors refinished, and had to stay at our son’s house for a while.  (He has no internet, just his smartphone plan).

Anyway, while I was “laid up” I got busy crocheting more hats for my friend’s charity. Here are the hats I made:


Since I got rather bored with the same ol’ same ol’ patterns, I put some variations in them.

For one thing, with the ribbed crochet hat, I wanted to add stripes.  However, the stripes went up and down, and turned out looking like a cheap circus tent.  So, I did the basic hat band as described on the Urban jungle slouchy beanie duly added the double crochets evenly around the band, and then alternated between front post double crochet stitches and back post double crochet stitches, working around.  This enabled me to change yarn colors.

Another thing I did was just continue with the double crochets, and every 3 stitches or so, do a front post double crochet.

And instead of puffy stitches, I crocheted about 4 double crochets together, using less yarn, and making the hat(s) a little more flexible.

Cable stitches turned out to be very “stripeable”, too.  And, I skipped a row in the cable stitch instructions to make them a little smaller.  That turned out pretty good.cablestripeI also experimented with shell stitches, both working from bottom up and top down, adding single crochet hat bands, etc.  All are pictured above, and if you want more detail feel free to comment below.  (Hey, I’m Bea Minus, and I’m lazy, OK?)

Stay tuned this weekend if you give a hoot about your finances and being able to retire when you want, (or have to) .  It’ll be time to review investments again.

C’YA crocheting, everyone!







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