Laid Up Part 2: Exercise???

This is going to be brief, everyone… I’m tired.

Yes, I promised I’d post some links to exercise videos that I found I can do while I’m pretty much incapacitated with my foot in a boot.

Moon Boot

They do exist, they are out there, and they are HARD!!!

Here’s one that caught my attention since it’s 30 minutes, and says it’s “Full Body”. Indeed, it is.
30 Minute Total Workout — Hurt Foot — Caroline Jordan

I can do the beginning circuit while seated and waving my arms around just fine — that gets your heart rate up. But then, come the pushups, crunches, side planks, and getting into position to do these. By the time I’ve gotten into position, Caroline is halfway through the darned exercise! LOL! And, what human being can do a side plank and lift their leg while doing it??? Still, I sweat and feel like I’ve had a good workout afterwards, and her encouragement and positive attitude does help.

OK, I did a workout… so I take a day of rest to let muscles rebuild… WHEW!

The day after the day of rest, I do these two…
11 Minute Workout — Hurt Foot — Caroline Jordan
Footless workout – Heather Frey

And, I have to warn you, Heather Frey’s workout, while good, is not a “Follow along.” She only demos about 11 exercises for a few seconds each. So I went through the video, wrote them down, and I do them at my own pace. It works. Also, I have trouble getting into position, especially those pushups on the couch. UGH!!

Even though I can’t do these too well, and upper body work is not my forte, at least I’m keeping active (cautiously), and my muscles won’t atrophy. Who knows… I may add some of these moves when I get back to my normal routine.

Be careful out there, folks!


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