On Being Laid up

Down with floppy sandals that slip off your feet!  They are the main reason I’m laid up now with a broken foot.  OK, so I’m basically a clutz, and I tried to slip the floppy back on, on the steps at my home, without looking.  Needless to say, I missed.

This happened six days ago. Haha!

Moon Boot
Moon Boot









Yes, there are some things I have learned from this experience:

–Watch where my feet go at all times.

–Doctor’s orders are very difficult to follow. Mine said, “Stay off your feet, keep your foot elevated, don’t get up for anything, get a bell.”  REALLY?? Hubby just had oral surgery two days ago and needs some help now and then. Who does the Doc think I am, Lady Mary of Downton Abbey? (Oh, Anna…!!!) quiteatrandom





Lastly, Walking around in a Moon Boot with a cane is awkward! It throws your whole body out of whack. My back and hips are becoming really strained and sore, so I have to figure out new ways of getting up and down stairs, as well as make sure I have everything I need close by so I don’t have to walk clear across the room. UGH!







OK, so I just have to make the best of this… enjoy what rest I can get, and take care of myself and hubby as best I can.

It’s only been six days… only about 5-7 weeks to go…

Be careful out there, folks!


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