July 1, 2016 — Brexit, Schmexit

Well… the big Brexit brouhaha last week did zip on our portfolios.  It’s July 1, and time to check and see what action(s) to take.

It seems that we just hold on for another month, and actually BUY EEM, the Emerging Markets ETF.

Here are the charts for the usual Timing Model that we follow according to Meb Faber’s method: BASICIn summary, hold everything and stay out of EFA.  That should be no surprise considering last week’s Brexit.

Here are the charts for the rest of my diversification. Now, there’s a surprise in this illustration… can you find it?


See it? EEM actually ticked up , and it’s now a buy! The Emerging Markets don’t give a flip about Britain leaving the Euro zone.  Ha!  So, I bought EEM.  QQQ is on the neutral line, and since we already own it, we’ll keep it for this month.  And, everything else is a Hold. Cross your fingers!

Oh, and since I’m holding on to all these ETFs, I’m really raking the dividends this month and last month!  YES!!! 🙂

I must add that my interests are VERY wide, and diversified.  Several people follow my crocheting posts, and on Facebook, when I published my last investing post, I got a “WTF?” comment, and the person unfriended me.  Haha!  Hey, I’m retired, want to stay that way, and in my opinion, everyone should put aside some money to invest.  I’m not recommending any particular method, just sharing what I do.  There are tons of investing websites out there, and a simple, diversified portfolio is probably best for most people. The method I use just helps me sleep at night.

So, happy investing everyone!  And may you all be able to retire and have no money worries. ❤  C’YA Crocheting in a couple of weeks…



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