C’YA Crocheting — Project from Hell is Finished!


I bet you’re wondering, “How could this lovely, lacy top be a project from Hell?”

Well, maybe it was more of a learning experience.

It was made from granny squares as I described in my previous post.  The challenges were:

  • Finding TIME to make enough granny squares — I’m not one to sit for too long doing one thing.
  • Finding enough Size 3 crochet thread in the same lot number — it is hard to come by where I live. I didn’t find it, so I used two, similar colors, and just alternated the squares.  It’s hard to tell in this photo. 😉
  • Figuring out how to attach the granny squares together.  I ended up just tying the corners and middle sections. The slippery mercerized cotton kept undoing itself, so I had to make sure the knots were all secure, and weave in all the loose ends.  WHEW!!  I probably won’t do it this way next time, and will try to attach the squares as I go, as shown in this video.

Anyhow, the project is done, I’ve learned a lot, and can take a break.  I’ll probably go back to crocheting hats for charity.  Right now, though, I’ve got a huge crop of cherries off our tree to process.

Happy crocheting, everyone!!






4 thoughts on “C’YA Crocheting — Project from Hell is Finished!

  1. Oh my, it’s absolutely lovely! 💞 💞 I can understand how finicky the process must have been but you did such a great job 😁 Congrats!


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