April 1, 2016 — Market timing

Yes, this past month has seen some improvements in the ETFs that I track and follow, according to Meb Faber’s Timing Model method that I use.  It improved so much, that I spent most of the morning buying up several ETFs.  So, let’s review them.  Here are the basic ETFs from the Timing Model mentioned above that I use.  Note that they differ from the ETFs Meb uses on his website, but basically the same indices: (and I’ll show these from now on, as they are static, and Meb’s charts change daily)



As you can see, SPY and RWR, are now on BUY signals. IEF is still on a BUY signal from a month or two ago, so we’ll hold on to it. That darn RWR was below my 10-month moving average last month, and then took off like a skyrocket.  EFA could do the same this month, but we’ll just have to pay our money, and take our chances.  That’s just the way it goes sometimes.  I’m a little apprehensive since all these ETFs are near their recent highs, but oh well… we’re going to follow our rules, right?

And, here are the other ETFs that I invest in.



OK, so DIA, QQQ, MDY, EEM, and TLT all have BUY signals.  I did not buy TLT, but I did buy the others.  Again, these are all near their highs, and I could get whipsawed.  UGH!  Could this be an April Fool joke?  We shall see…

So, that makes a total of six purchases this month.  Whew! That was some work, but hopefully it will pay off.

Besides, I should get some nice dividends this month from my dividend stocks.

That’s all for this month… good luck to you all!!!


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