C’YA Crocheting — Tip 2 — Hidden Stitches

While I was working on the Ribbed Hat and the band for the Urban Jungle Beanie, I noticed that my work was gradually decreasing, and looking something like this:



It turns out, I was missing stitches at the beginning, and at the end of each row!  My crochet work was curling up at the ends, and I couldn’t see the stitches. Here’s how I found them:

In here











Then, at the beginning of the row…


Beginning copy



And, so that’s it for this time.  Find those hidden stitches…

I hope to C’YA Crocheting!… ‘Til next time… 😀


2 thoughts on “C’YA Crocheting — Tip 2 — Hidden Stitches

  1. I think we all do that in the beginning. I used to miss crocheting into the beginning chain 3 when double crocheting rows. Counting stitches is a good prevention against crocheting those trapezoids.

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  2. Yes! I ended up counting stitches for a while, a very tedious task for a B- personality, until I learned how to find those li’l bugger stitches visually. Thanks for stopping by.


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