March 1, 2016 — Are things improving?

Looks like the image upload issue was resolved, so here are the charts.

Let’s look at Meb Faber’s timing model… looks like we are to hold on to IEF (7-10 year Government Bonds) and possibly to REITs — VNQ on his timing model shows slightly above the 10 week SMA (simple moving average); RWR, which I use, shows slightly below the 10 week EMA (exponential moving average) on  See my Lazy Investing page to see how to set up Big Charts. I’m staying out of REITs for now, but you do what you think is best for you.

Otherwise, the other asset classes are in “stay out” mode.

Now, in addition to the major asset classes in Meb’s timing model, the other ETFs I use show to stay out on  Here are their charts:


If  you’re tired of sitting on the sidelines, TIP (The Treasury Inflation Protected Bonds ETF) and GLD (a Gold ETF), are poking up over their 10 month EMAs.  Check them out on Big Charts. 🙂



BTW, many of my dividend stocks are up, and today looks like an “up” day on The Street.  Let’s see if it continues during the month, and see what we can get into in 31 days.

Meanwhile, happy lazy investing!




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