C’YA Crocheting: Tip 1

Crocheting evenly on an uneven base

Hey there!

As I’ve posted previously, I’ve been crocheting hats for my friend’s charity.  When making a hat band, like for the urban jungle slouchy beanie or even a watch cap, the instructions say to “make single (or double) crochet EVENLY around the band” to start the body of the hat.  Well, here’s what I see:

1uneven surface copy2unevensurfaceA bumpy, UNEVEN base with high points and low points that don’t have any resemblance to regular looking stitches.






So, here’s what I do:

I find the high point, and kind of twist and pinch the two main threads together like this,
and make a single (or double) crochet stitch in that.











Then, on the low point, I find the two threads in the chain stitch, and make a single or double crochet in there:







…And, here’s the result… it looks pretty even to me: 🙂







that’s all for now, folks… I hope to C’YA Crocheting!


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