February 1, 2016

Well, it’s been a wild ride this month.  What’s today going to be like??

Although IEF was down under the 200-day/10-month Simple moving Average (SMA) and Exponential Moving Average (EMA) which I use, it shot up like a rocket among all the wild volatility this month.  So, IEF is the only thing we need to buy this month.  Everything else is a sell, or stay out.  See Meb Faber’s basic timing model.  Please note, that there may be confusion. The timing model shows VNQ, Vanguard’s Real Estate Investment Trust ETF, as showiing just above the 10-week SMA line, but on the Big Charts RWR chart that I use, it shows just below as of 1/31/2016.    


So, here’s a summary of all ETFs I follow outside the timing model:

  • DIA – Stay out
  • QQQ – Sell
  • MDY – Stay out
  • IWM – Stay out
  • EEM – Stay out
  • TLT – Buy if you want

ALLAs for the dividend stocks I hold, I’m holding on to them.  I purchased my final ones this month:

  • VZ – bought 1/5
  • POT – bought 1/11
  • CAT – bought 1/14

And that completes the list of holdings I have strictly for dividends.  So far, that includes:


We’ll see what prices are like tomorrow, and I may reinvest some of the dividends in some of these if the price is lower than when I originally bought it.

Happy investing, and enjoy this wild roller coaster ride we seem to be on.











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