The Christmas Season — UGH!!


Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy Christmas, and the season. It just seems most people expend a horrendous amount of effort to celebrate. The most we do at the Bea Minus minimum work household is put up a tree in the window and buy presents for immediate family. Period. There is no hassling with outdoor lights/decorations, no extra baking, no gifts for friends or family outside our nuclear family, no mailing of Christmas cards. None of that. Sometimes, we even say “Oh, what the h3ll” and make reservations to go out to dinner. And, we enjoy ourselves with little to no stress.

A "Natural" Christmas tree
A “Natural” Christmas tree

It was particularly difficult when I was working. At one place, they had two gift exchanges (draw-a-name and ornament exchanges), 2-3 potlucks, charity clothing drives… you name it, and if you didn’t participate in all of them, you were considered a scrooge. I think I lasted there about 6 months before I found another job. Ha!

This year, we’re not even putting up a tree because the house is a mess from our remodeling projects. We’re going to our son’s house for our family gift exchange and dinner. He has followed in my footsteps, and does no decorating… not even a tree. Maybe i can convince him to put up the 12″ artificial tree I bought him one year… just to have something. If not, oh well…

At any rate, whether you celebrate a lot or a little, or not at all, or celebrate another holiday this season, have a great one! See you January 1 or 2.



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