December 1, 2015

After a dip the first or second week of the month, the market came back up, and has held pretty steady.  Here’s the regular timing model for the end of NovemberNote:  If you’re looking at this after Dec. 1, it may show differently.

IEF — Stay in.  Even though on my Big Charts settings the price line shows slightly below the 40-week EMA, the timing model shows slightly above the SMA.  So,  since the two show a stalemate, the IEF has improved over the past few weeks, and there’s indecision, I’ll just stay where I am.

SPY — Stay in
RWR — Stay in
EFA — Stay out
DBC — Stay out

So, no change in the basic timing model.

Here’s the summary and charts for the other ETFs I track:

DIA — Stay in
QQQ — Stay in
MDY — BUY!! 😀
IWM — BUY!! 😀
EEM — Stay out
TLT — Stay out

Charts Dec. 1



And, yes, I bought CVX on Nov. 13, Friday no less, and snagged a few bucks in dividends, and it’s up a couple of bucks, too.  Not too bad.

Happy investing, everyone!!



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