Housecleaning – The Enemy!


Housecleaning — the chore that’s always there, and the bane of my existance, and of the existance of every B minus personality out there. Up front, I hate it. Also, I don’t believe anyone really likes it, even though they say they do. They just like the results.

So, it has to be done, or your lovely home looks like this.


How do we B Minus types get motivated to get, and keep our homes clean? There are endless websites, YouTube videos, and books of information of how to cut back on the work of this chore. They range from getting rid of clutter, to books like “Speed Cleaning” by Jeff Campbell and the Clean Team (my favorite, but it seems to be out of print).

The challenges I face with these approaches are, if I get rid of clutter, it will give my DH, the collector of various valuable and semi-valuable items like fossils, hand-painted china, various knick-knacks and baseball cards more room to buy more stuff, and we’ll be back to square one. The Speed Cleaning approach requires a lot of special equipment, but you can cut down on the costs by just buying an inexpensive carpenter’s apron with loops on the sides and pockets in front, a lambs wool or feather duster available almost anywhere, and/or just use a caddy. I do practice the “once around the room and you’re done, except for the floor” part. That has been the most helpful. If you can get a copy of that book, I highly recommend it. They also have a website, but I could not find the book. The rules are up there, though.

One tool I’ve found that is very useful is the Swiffer. Swiffer-1 If you don’t want to keep buying the pads, just put a microfiber cleaning cloth on the thing, and swiffer away, wet or dry. The microfiber cloths are also great for cleaning slick acrylic bathtubs and sinks. A little dish soap on the cloth, a little water, a little rubbing, and soap scum comes right off. It’s wonderful!

And, that’s about all I can do now, since we’re remodeling and have our furniture stacked up several layers thick in the dining room and upstairs bedrooms. (sigh!) And the remodeling continues to go very slowly.

If you have any helpful cleaning hints, I’m all ears.

Somebody help me… I’m going crazy!!!



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