About Pet Care…

Clyde is the only furry friend I have at the moment.  He’s a really sweet, spoiled rotten, OUTDOOR kitty.  Yes, I know… you’re supposed to leave your cat inside and protected from the big bad world, but trust me, that has never worked for us, and least of all with Clyde.  There are other cats roaming the neighborhood, each staying basically within their own territory, but sometimes the lines get crossed and they get into fights.

Clyde in healthier days

So, right now, I’m nursing a really ugly, abscessed wound that Clyde has somehow incurred.  And, there is no lazy way around this.  I have to flush out the open wound daily, give him a pain pill, and antibiotics for a week.  Any slipup, and the abscess could come back.  This has meant a (very expensive) trip to the vet, and a blow to my natural frugalness.

So, if you have a pet, you do need to fit them into your retirement plan.  Indoor or outdoor, they will get injured and/or sick, and this will mean trips to the vet.  Cats, even indoor cats, aren’t immune to fleas, urinary tract issues, arthritis, and maybe even accidents if they start getting restless, etc.  Plan for this.  Pets do need a lot of vigilant care.

Is it worth it?  Well, somehow, life without being able to hold a soft, furry kitty in my lap would seem totally incomplete.


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