November 1, 2015

Well, well… On Thursday, October 22, the stock market took off while we were sitting twiddling our thumbs watching those prices shoot into the sky.  It’s kind of scary to be buying stuff so close to the top.  That’s the risk of the Meb Faber Timing Model method of investing, and that’s OK.  It’s the long term results that count, and I’m confident that this method will protect my hard-earned cash during stock market tumbles.

As I mentioned last month, I put some money into DIV, the Global X Superdividend US ETF and it happens to be paying off nicely.  I was in line for the dividend reward on October 13, and the share price went up nicely, as well.  I re-invested October’s dividend, so those shares will be included in November 12th’s dividend.  Awesome!

As for the Timing Model, let’s take a look at the charts, shall we?  Here’s the basic Timing Model, and here’s the charts for the rest of the ETFs I keep an eye on:


Quite a change from last month, isn’t it?  So buys for tomorrow are DIA, QQQ, and from the regular Timing Model, SPY and RWR.  (Note: I use the ETFs Mebane Faber mentions in his paper, not necessarily the Vanguard ETFs on the web page.  No particular reason, it’s just a choice I made).

In addition, I’ve been scouting for more dividend investing.  I’ve included ARI (Apollo Commercial Real Estate REIT), MORL (Etracs Monthly Pay 2X Leveraged ETF) a very risky ETF that many in the press have warned to stay away from.  But, it pays such great dividends, even though they’ve gone down over the past two years, that it’s still worth a look.  Also, I bought O, on October 28.  My plan for more dividend stocks is:


This way, I get in gradually, and on the day before the effective date for getting the dividend on each of these stocks.

Happy Investing, everyone!!!


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