Dear Abby needs some advice

OK, so I’m 2 days behind reading the paper. I’m a Type Bea Minus, right?

Monday’s Dear Abby column featured a letter from a 50-year old who has the means to retire, has no debt, and a paid-for house, that s/he needs to get counseling to determine why they no longer want to be a contributing member of society!!!

I promptly wrote in to correct this notion. Just because you choose not to work does not mean you are useless. As long as you can support yourself, who gives a rat’s patootie how you spend your time? It’s time you’ve earned whether you retire at 50, like the Dear Abby writer or in your 30s, like Mr. Money Mustache.

Naturally in true Bea Minus style, I meant to copy and save my reply, but it didn’t work. However, I did mention that retirement is a time to explore things that interest you, to volunteer (if you are so moved to do so).

You ARE a contributing member of society as long as you are not bleeding the system, (retired Social Security recipients are not included here:)), are supporting yourself, and paying your taxes. Heck, if you want to save up your money and quit after working 10 years, do it!! If you want to spend all your time watching TV, that’s OK, as long as you are not suffering from depression or other mental ailment. Heck, my grandparents were perfectly contented to keep to themselves and do just that.

If I get my reply back from Dear Abby, I’ll publish it here.

OK, rant over… have a nice day!


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