Frugality Helps Laziness

Just sharing a random though I’ve had… being frugal is very compatible with a “lazy” lifestyle.

spare change & glasses

Here’s why:

  • You don’t go out buying a lot of stuff, so there’s less stuff lying around, cluttering your dwelling, and therefore less to clean.
  • You don’t expend a lot of energy shopping.
  • You’re more likely able to retire early, and not need to be beholden to a job
  • You might have enough money to hire things done, instead of doing everything yourself.
  • You are more likely able to make a quick getaway… (um… like if you have to evacuate during a disaster, like the recent fires and floods in various parts of the country.

Now, to look at my house, you’d never believe I’m anti-clutter.  We’ve definitely collected a lot of stuff over the years, and DH is an avid collector.  He collects cool stuff, but it’s still all stuff.  Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to convince him of the benefits of living simply…

If you have any suggestions, or ways that being frugal can contribute to less work and more leisure, please comment.  I’m all ears. 🙂


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